Saturday, January 23, 2016

Roma 2016 Paganalia Festival

Sunday, 24 January

10am - Roman Paganalia Ritual
In celebration of Paganalia, the Roman festival of sowing, we will be performing a ritual to honour Ceres (the goddess of agriculture) and Tellus (Mother Earth), praying for an early spring, followed by a relaxing feast together in the Collegia.

11am - Paganalia Fishing Contest
Break out your poles and put on your fishing togas - it's time for another ROMA Fishing event! Using the 7Seas Fishing system, we will be having a fishing contest.
12pm - Paganalia Grand Feast
ROMA's Paganalia Festival will celebrate the end of winter with an ice skating party.  Join us for an evening of feasting and group skating.
1pm - Legio Event
Legio Bridge Deathmatch.
Fighting as a group was the secret of the roman legions. What would happen if the soldiers are pushed to fight on a very narrow rope bridge over a spiked field?  Come and discover at the exciting Legio XIII Bridge Deathmatch.

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