Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Events This Week at the Sunweaver Clubs

Club Cutlass

WED: Best In 'H' --------
FRI: Red and Blue -------
SAT: Drunk Night --------

6-8 PM Sunweaver Space (176, 62, 125)

The Vinyl Museum  (Perri's Xanadu)

Tues - Veterans Day

Tonight at the Vinyl, we honor those who served in the Armed Forces with our Veterans Day Tribute. Come dressed as Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard. DJ Cynthia will play a selection of tunes with a military beat. So come honor the vets and have fun while doing so.

DJ Cynthia, 250L on the board

"Protecting democracy since 1776"

*  *  *  *  *

Thurs - Happy Night

Have you been feeling the blues lately, whether in Second Life or real life? Well, now's your chance to cheer up as tonight at the Vinyl it's our "Happy Night." Dress in something cheerful, put on a cheerful avatar, or both (or just wear a Pherryl Williams hat). So don't feel so glum, head on over and share the happiness.

DJ Perri, 250L on the board

"Because I'm happyyyyyy."
6-8 PM HV Community (67/207/4051)

The Happy Vixen

Events unscheduled. Please join the group to be updated of any events.

Sunny Beach (180/52/27)

Club Fur

Events unscheduled, check with Alynna Trypnotk (Alynna Vixen).

Sunweaver Bay

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